If you like beef, you'll love our F1 (Wagyu X)....

Our F1 beef is produced by crossing one of our Fullblood Wagyu bulls with a cow from another beef breed.


The resulting meat benefits from the Wagyus'  marbeling, which melts when cooked to create the juciest steaks and joints.

Our F1 cattle are born and raised on our farm until slaughter at 3 years old. They enjoy a stress free environment, grazing throughout the summer months on low-input pasture. When the weather gets too bad they are housed inside in straw bedded sheds and fed grass silage/haylage grown on-farm. The natural diet and maturity is reflected in the quality.


The meat is hung for a minimum of 21 days, then cut and vac-packed to the customer's requirements.


We currently supply local pubs and restaurants but will soon be able to offer nationwide delivery to the catering trade with our own temperature controlled transport.


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Email: sales@cheshire-wagyu.com

Phone: +44 (0) 7739679231


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