The Quality Is In The Breeding

Kobe beef is renowned throughout the world as the finest money can buy. Recommened by top chefs, when cooked, the unique marbling and tenderness results in the most succulent, palate pleasing meat, a national treasure in Japan. Using the same bloodlines originating in Japan, the Wagyu breed is growing in the U.K., producing British Wagyu beef of the highest quality.

The cattle are a pleasure to work with, their placid nature and easy calving qualities ensures the Wagyu breed is among the easiest to handle and look after. They are always contented and relaxed and this is reflected on the plate.


In our experience the Wagyu demands patience. They are slow maturing and to gain the full benefit of the meat they must be at least 36 months of age before slaughter.

One of our heifers, TAKARASHI, with her first heifer calf, shown here at just six hours old!!, sired by SHIDOOKOJI. Both are 100% Full Blood.

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